Top Ten Pre-Wedding Tips For Brides

Top Ten Pre-Wedding Tips For Brides


1. Face Prep –  If you don’t have a daily cleanse, tone and moisturise routine start this 6 months before your big day. So many of our brides have told us they were so glad they did.  Your skin will be glowing on the day and toning can also reduce fine lines.  Moisturizing helps keeps your skin soft and supple too.
2. Hands & Feet –  Massaging olive oil on your hands and feet before bedtime keeps them lovely and soft.  Get yourself a pumice stone for your feet.  Keep up to date with monthly or bi-weekly manicures and don’t forget pedicures too.
3.  Hair removal  –  Don’t leave it to the last minute to decide to have your eyebrows shaped.  Make sure 6 months before exactly how you want them to be and keep the shape up to the wedding day.  Maintain any hair removal process you may have, legs, facial, under arms and bikini line.  The key to this do not suddenly try something different close to your big day.
4.  Sleep –  Although obvious and tricky when you have so much going on before your big day but if you are sleep deprived you are more prone to dark circles around your eyes so aim for 8-10 hours a night.
5.  Diet  –  Drink plenty of water everyday aim for at least 8-10 glasses.  Keep a balanced diet of green vegetables, fruit and protein.  All great for your skin and hair,   Avoid crash dieting and putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.  The build up to the day should be exciting not miserable as you are depriving yourself everything !!
6.  Try False Lashes  –  There are so many different shape lashes now on the market, if you are new to the lashes game, get trying different ones out to find what look you like.  This will also help your make up artist when planning your makeover.
7.  Lips –  These need to be in tip top condition for smooching with your groom !  Apply lip balm or vaseline each night, gently rubbing lips in a circular motion.  Get in the habit of carrying lip balm or vaseline wherever you go.
8.   Make-up and hair trial  –  If you are having a make up artist and hairdresser Im sure they will suggest trials in both well ahead of the big day, usually at least 3 months before.  This gives you the chance to see what will work for you and match with your dress and theme.  If you are doing your own then again try these out well ahead of the day.
9.   Keep active  –  Any work outs will help tone your body and gives you those happy endorphins we all need when you have a hectic diary of appointments and planning.  Exercise boosts energy so even a lunchtime power walk will do you the world of good.
10.   Emergency on the day pack –  We see so many more brides doing this now and as photographers we see these items being needed throughout the day at some point so getting it altogether before hands makes so much sense.  Things to think about including are. lipstick, tissues, perfume, face mist, tweezers, mints, fashion tape, floss, hair spray, paracetamol and plasters.  Make sure your maid of honer has access to this fabulous little kit at all times.

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