A Bride’s Diary – Jade & Shaun

A Bride’s Diary – Jade & Shaun

We always have so many questions from our brides when they start planning their special day so we asked one of our lovely brides, to spill the beans on the planning process.

How Did you meet?
Shaun made numerous attemts over the course of a few months to try and ask me out but due to me being in a relationship I did not accept, when my relationship ended Shaun asked me again in which I agreed. We had known each other on a friend basis for about a year before we went out for dinner together.
The proposal
Me and Shaun went on holiday to Mexico. Shaun had booked and hired us a meal on the jetty on the beach. We had three course dinner with butlers over the sea. Shaun did his proposal there which was beautiful! 
How did you allocate your budget?
We did allocate a budget but when my parents offered to help fund our dream our budget increased.
Where did you splurge and where did you save?
We wanted to make sure we had an amazing photographer so we did spend more on that then planned. We splashed out on out on decor of the room and the table centrepieces. We tried to save on the wedding stationary, the wedding favours and the flowers. we did all of them ourselves.
How did you choose the right photographer?
We found Venus photography at a wedding open day at the Nottinghamshire. We wanted to book them straight away as they knew the grounds of the venue and also they were everything we was looking for as they captured natural shots which is all we wanted on our wedding day.
The dress
I tried on roughly 10 dresses before I decided on the one! I went to two shops which i highly recommend, having different peoples opinions on your body shape and different dresses is the best thing you can do.
The suits & briedesmaids
The suits were easy, we went to a shop to hire them and chose the ones we liked, then all the groomsman went and got measured, the bridesmaid dresses again were very easy to find and choose, I always knew what colour and type of dresses I wanted and I knew the style would suit all my bridesmaids and there shapes.
Theme or colour scheme
I changed my mind on colour schemes 3 times at the start of the planning, it was hard to find a colour that was easy to match everything, It then clicked how much I love glitz and glam which is why I went with sequin dresses (keeping them nice and not tacky)
My mum actually made the flowers so this was all on her! She did an amazing job and is so creative.
This part of the wedding stressed me out to the max! I wanted to keep it cheap and try and do it all myself but I realised how much time that would have took up and I didn’t have time to do it, I found a company called Lincolnshire prop hire who were amazing! I went to there showroom and fell in love with everything, you can honestly hire everything from them and they are so helpful, they even bought some stuff on the day that they thought would look good free of charge!
The food again was a hard decision, me and Shaun both like opposite foods but we also wanted to keep it simple for our guests, red meat like steak and lamb are really hard for people to all like when it comes to how much it is cooked, we both agreed chicken to be the best option and we fell in love when we tried it. The Nottinghamshire let us go for 3 tasting sessions to decide on what we wanted which was amazing!
Wedding cake
We had hired somebody to start with, we hired them because they were cheap and there work was good, but we was unfortunately let down by them. We then found celebration cakes by Lisa who was amazing! She catered for everything we wanted and was amazing!
We found our DJ and Magician at wedding open days, it was pure luck we found the magician and he was incredible his name was Tom Wright magician The DJ was also amazing and he works with the Nottinghamshire so we knew he would be amazing.
Personal touches
There was some things I wanted to make sure they are different to anything else like the table names, I didn’t want numbers or anything boring, my friend suggested having places that mean a lot To us or things we have done together, so this is what we did. We had places like ‘Sleaford-our first kiss’ ‘Mexico-our engagement’ ‘Berlin-Shaun’s stag do’ We also wanted to make sure we had a memory table for family members we have lost also special moments.
Special moments
The whole day was special to both of us, we honestly couldn’t choose a moment.
Advice for other couples
I would recommend sticking to a budget definitely Enjoy every moment, take it all in. I took myself outside with my best friend and sat far away from everyone and had to take it all in. I was so overwhelmed that I had so much family and friends that care about us so much, i just sat and cried so many happy tears.
Biggest surprise?
Shaun said his biggest surprise was my speech, he didn’t know I had wrote him a poem so this took him back, and it showed because he cried ALOT I was surprised the whole day, the day itself was amazing and I wasn’t expecting it to be that incredible The room was amazing, the cake was amazing and service received from the Nottinghamshire was amazing! The fireworks were incredible everything was just outstanding.

Jade Brown


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