Are You Ready for Your Wedding?

Are You Ready for Your Wedding?

Planning a wedding is like having a second job. When you aren’t working you spend nearly all of your spare time making plans. Once you become engaged it is never too soon to begin on plans. There are many decisions that you will have to make. There are color schemes, flowers, cakes, dresses for you and your bridesmaids, tuxedos, and so much more that you will have to get done before the big day. Where should you begin? If you haven’t chosen the day yet, that is where you need to start.

Choosing the Day for the Wedding

This should be a decision that you and your fiancé make together. There are decisions for you to make. Do you want a wedding in the spring, summer, fall or winter. What you decide will make a difference in the rest of your decisions. Your flowers and color scheme could be affected by your decision. Also you will need to see if you are choosing the prime wedding season. This could make a difference in hiring a photographer and renting a limo to take you to the wedding and reception.

Pick a Colour Scheme

This is something that should be decided very early on. The reason is there are a lot of things that will be affected by your decision. What colour are the flowers arrangements? What colour for the bridesmaids? Certain colours look good depending on the month. Burgundy is a great colour for winter weddings and pastels work well for spring and summer. The choice is yours but you will find different colours to go better certain times of the year.

Your Flowers

Of course you know you have to order flowers for the wedding but did you stop to think that the time of year will influence the availability of some types of flowers? This is something to consider when you choose your day too. The colour scheme can also affect flowers since there are certain flowers that will go well with certain colours and not others. Many flowers can be dyed to match clothing and colour schemes. Daisies and carnations are two of them.

The Dresses

Although you can start shopping for your dress immediately, you may want to put off the purchase until the wedding is a bit closer. The reason is the size you need could change if you buy it too much in advance. Have it picked out early however. The same is true for the bridesmaid gowns. They may like a say in the style. This is your day so you decide if you want to take them with you when shopping for dresses. Often they can give you good advice for your dress as well. Do order dresses early enough to be ready for any alterations that have to be made. Remember you will need some shoes, stockings and slips to go with the gowns. You will also need to pick clothing for the ring bearer and flower girl. Sometimes taking mom with you so she can get her gown is a plus. Just remember it is your wedding gown and your special day. Don’t let her influence your choice too much.

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