Baby Photography At Home

Baby Photography At Home

Years ago when my daughter was a baby the only options when looking around was taking her to a stark white studio.  I was desperate to record these special family times and although I did go once I never felt at ease or got from it what I would off hoped.  I just wanted natural, relaxed pictures of us doing what any family do at home when they have small babies, these are the moments I wanted to remember.  Not my baby wrapped up in funny blankets with head bands and bows, oh and put in pretend baths.  You know the pictures I mean and  yes I know they are great for people who love that style its just not for me.  So when we set up our own photography business I was adamant we would not venture down this road.

It’s so easy for us to arrive at your home with the equipment we need and you have everything that any young family needs right with you, a perfect combination.  We are all relaxed, there are no timeframes, we all just go with the flow.  Mostly lead by your baby, napping, feeding and bum changes in-between.  You guys can stop and refuel whenever you want to, the happier everybody is then the most relaxed, candid pictures are recorded.  The beauty of being at home, grandparents can pop in and visit for a few lovely shots too.

As with all our photography when you look back at our photos you are instantly taken back to that moment and all the feelings you had at that time.  We all can’t believe when we have made a little human, I still look at my 17 year old in awe !  What better place than in your own home to capture all those precious memories as they are being made.

These beautiful twin girls and their mummy and daddy we captured were an absolute delight to be around and I cannot wait to see them grow as a family throughout the years.





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