Bouquet Tossing – A Dying Tradition

Bouquet Tossing – A Dying Tradition

Over the years this ancient English tradition has declined and more and more couples are excluding it from their special day.  In ancient times brides would have a bouquet of herbs that were believed would ward off evil spirits.  In later times this evolved into florals arrangements as they are today.  Why tossing the bouquet began was the bride was believed to have good luck on her wedding day so guests wanted some of this good luck so would chase and rip bits of her dress so the bride tried to escape and tossed her bouquet to distract them.  As years went on it progressed into a show on the wedding day for all the single ladies to gather around whilst the bride tosses the bouquet and whoever catches it is deemed to be the next lady to be married.

Variety of herbs on wooden background

As few brides actually include this nowadays I can only assume as brides are getting married later in life there are fewer single ladies at weddings so avoid any embarrassment for guests the bouquet isn’t thrown or the cost of bouquets nowadays brides are less eager to damage the bouquet so soon!

I do think its a fun tradition that Id love to see brought back, maybe order a smaller bouquet like your real one to use in the tossing?  It does seem a shame to lose this ancient english tradition……

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