Fitness Planning

Fitness Planning

It shouldn’t all be about dieting and losing weight before your big day.   The best advise is always to get those happy endorphins around you and what better way to do this is to introduce some fitness into your life in the lead up to your special day.     Or if you already do work out try something new instead of your normal routine.   Its all about feeling amazing and your very best on your special day.  Juggling work, family and wedding planning is no easy task and finding time to workout may feel impossible.  If attending one of the hundreds of different types of classes in your local town feels like hard work why don’t you invest in an DVD or follow some of the hundreds of fantastic work out videos on Youtube,  You can do these then around your commitments.  Working out with friends or family is always a great incentive, why don’t you get your bridesmaids together for a joint fitness plan?

Any small changes will help, even having a short power walk in your lunch hour is fab !  Just 15 minutes of breaking a sweat everyday you’ll feel a difference !
Set some short term goals as these are easier to stick to and think about fitness as part of your wedding planning.
Here are a couple of Bridal Prep workouts we have chose for you !
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