Getting the ultimate confetti shot

Getting the ultimate confetti shot

One of our favourite times of your wedding day is the confetti shot!  It is always so full of colour and pure happiness and always one of your favourites in your album.  This ancient tradition is still a firm favourite on everyones wedding day that symbolises good luck, love and fertility, all the wonderful things to have to start your married life.

We usually make sure we organise your confetti shot after your ceremony, it then captures all the love and excitement of just getting married!  You are surrounded by everybody who loves you and who can’t wait to celebrate with you.  Just look at everyones faces its impossible not be happy!

This tradition began in Italy and usually was rice or grain, over the years it has changed to flowers, petals and later times small coloured paper discs.  Many venues over the years were not so happy with the mess these little bits of paper cause, so many brides nowadays opt for all things biodegradable.  This is not only perfect for our environment but ensures the venues and churches are happy for it to be thrown.

Years ago most people would bring a little box of confetti to weddings, but as brides started to organise their own, mostly to match their colour schemes, guests tend not to bring it anymore.  So if you want that ultimate confetti shot we do advise to provide it for your special guests.  There are so many on the market to choose from so do your research and look at reviews.  It is also a lovely “detail” to plan for your wedding day, ie what colours and what to put it in. You can never have enough confetti so make sure there’s enough to go round!

We organise everything to do with your confetti shot so nothing for you to worry about, we will get all your guests in the correct position and let them know what they have to do.  A couple of things for you to remember though, look at each other and your guests, keep smiling even though you are being bombarded !!  Stop for a kiss half way through !

Sometimes confetti is not allowed at all, a fab alternative is bubbles.  Some people love to have confetti cannons at their first dance, again another dramatic shot !

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