Take Stress Out Of Wedding Plans By Planning Ahead

Take Stress Out Of Wedding Plans By Planning Ahead

Getting married is a wonderful experience. In many cases it is a once in a lifetime event that the bride looks forward to. There is a lot of stress surrounding planning a wedding however. You want everything to be perfect for your special day. Usually the groom gives the bride free rein, allowing the bride all of the headaches of finding photographers, florists, caterers, reception hall and so much more. As long as you start to make plans early, you can have a stress free wedding when it comes to planning for the wedding. As for stress and anxiety of getting married, well that is another story!

Choose Your Rings Early
Some people wait until the last minute to choose their rings only to find out they don’t fit. People will have to use wedding bands that are too tight or too loose for the wedding. If you plan ahead and order your wedding rings early there are no worries about the ring fitting. They can be sized when you purchase them. If you are afraid you will gain weight and the rings won’t fit, go ahead and have them resized about a month before the wedding date.

Hire a Photographer
Hiring a photographer should be done several months in advance. Good photographers tend to stay booked up so they need to have plenty of advance notice so they can schedule your wedding in their planner. Having a photographer means you will be able to have photos to give to parents and a memory book for you. If you want a video be sure your photographer is experienced in videos or you could end up with great pictures but a lousy video of your wedding and reception.

Rent a Reception Hall
Just like a photographer, reception halls will fill their availabilities early. This is something to rent as soon as possible. Remember that you need to have a reception hall that will accommodate all of your guests. As soon as you have an idea of your guest list you need to rent the hall. Remember to rent it so you have time to decorate for your reception. That means you will want the hall for about three days. One day to decorate and prepare, the day of your wedding and a day to clean the reception hall. Cleaning is usually essential to getting any deposits back.

Find a Florist
Although a florist doesn’t order months in advance, if she has an idea of the types of flowers you want showcased at your wedding helps her to get them ordered in time. You can also talk to florists to see what kind of flowers is available the time of year you are getting married. Not all types will be available certain times of the year. Some will be expensive if you buy them on their off season. Therefore you should contact a florist as soon as you know when the wedding day is going to be. By ordering flowers that are in season you will be able to save quite a bit of money. Remember to order everything you will need. Some centerpieces and arrangements will be needed for the tables, your bouquets for you and your bridal party, buttoners for the groomsmen and flowers to decorate the church. By letting the florist know early what you are going to need, she can give you an approximate price so you can make preparations financially.

These are main points that you will need for your wedding that can be ordered in advance. As for other plans that need to be done in advance; there are guest lists, gowns and tuxedos, caterers and much more. By starting early you will be able to make the plans you need without a lot of stress.

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