Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Theme

Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Theme

When it comes to choosing a theme for your wedding there are lots of things to consider in order to make the day a success and one that you and your guests will never forget. Read on to find out what you should consider when having a themed wedding.

Not every bride wants the typical paint-by-numbers wedding. But unless the couple’s dream wedding has been pre-planned well in advance of the proposal, those who want to create a truly unique day may find it tricky to personalise their wedding in a stylish way. This is why selecting a definitive theme can help the process of planning a wedding run more smoothly.

The notion of a “themed” wedding can strike fear into some guests, depending on the bride and groom’s interests and tastes. But when done correctly and tastefully a theme can add elegance and structure to a wedding and help guide the bride and groom when making decisions on catering and table settings etc.

A theme doesn’t have to be lavish and controversial, it can be based around something as fundamental as a colour, or simply devised around a season, or a specific country or region that is someway special to the couple.

For instance, if the couple shared a holiday in Italy which they have fond memories of, they could think of ways to bring the colours, flavours and sounds of Italy into the wedding. For instance in Italian tradition the menu at the reception is nearly as important as the wedding itself and guests are served anything up to 14 different courses with wine and other beverages. After the meal it is customary to have a multi-layered Italian wedding cake, served with espresso and coffee.

Another form of wedding that is becoming increasingly popular is that of the eco-friendly variety. This is where the bride and groom buy only ethically sourced, sustainable products and often will encourage guests to donate to green charities rather then buy wedding gifts on the day. But don’t compromise the comfort of your guests for the sake of your theme, unless you feel very strongly about it.

Whatever your choice of theme, it’s important to think about each of the following in relation to the overall feel of the wedding.


Look for a wedding venue that reflects the ideas of your theme. But you shouldn’t base your decision on a venue solely because of the fact that it fits in with your desired theme. If it’s in an obscure location, or unsuitable for some of your guests, for example it is not child friendly or doesn’t have disabled access, then maybe you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The Internet has opened the door to such a variety of possible venues, that may have previously been overlooked. With all the wonders of Google at your disposal, finding a great venue shouldn’t really be an issue.


The food should reflect the theme. As previously mentioned, if you select a country as a theme, choosing a caterer that specialises in the cuisine of that nation is ideal. But the theme is somewhat more outlandish, perhaps more preparation is in order. Tell your caterer about your plans before any official agreements are made, to make sure they can cater for your individual needs.


If the theme is unorthodox, it could be the case that the couple’s traditional choice of a tuxedo and white dress will look out of place. Make certain the bridesmaids and groomsmen’s outfits suit the overall look of the ceremony. If you’ve got your heart set on a traditional get-up for the big day, perhaps a traditional theme is more suitable for you.

No matter what theme you choose, producing an enjoyable occasion is the most important aspect of your wedding. In any wedding, some small things are bound to go wrong. That’s why it’s important not to get distracted by the minor details, and just enjoy the day as much as you possibly can.

Guest Author – Written by Michelle Rider at Braxted Park. Braxted Park Estate is one of the top country house wedding venues in Essex, set in an idyllic location in the heart of the Essex countryside. With a capacity of 50-300, Braxted Park is a unique Essex wedding reception venue catering for Essex weddings of varying sizes, all year round.

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